book binding kit


The BookBindingKit offers an overview of the elements of haptic book design. When different techniques are combined playfully, new ideas for unconventional books and book objects emerge.

Consisting of a poster and cards, the BookBindingKit can be used in many ways; as teaching material for students and apprentices or as inspiration for designers and artists. It can also be helpful when meeting customers in print shops, bookbinderies, and publishing houses.

Lea Giesecke

Lea Giesecke is a graphic designer with a focus on print. She loves working with paper and gives bookbinding workshops. During her master’s degree, she dealt intensively with the haptic experience of books. 


Prima.Publikationen is a publishing house based in Stuttgart and Basel. It is specialized in notable first-time publications as well as design and artists‘ books where narrative, graphics and haptics necessarily belong together.